Interview with Chantal Hoffmann

10 août 2016

After the road race, what do you think of the course? Which one do you prefer compared to the course in London 4 years ago?

The course was really hard, you had long climbs, steep climbs, cobblestones, flat parts and wind. So in a way, they put all kind of races in one race. The descents were quite dangerous.  As I haven’t done London 2012 I can’t compare.

How are you feeling after your competition in Rio? Are you satisfied with the result?

I felt quite disappointed after the race, I tried to do my best and help Christine as much as possible. As Christine did a great race, it was a little make up for me.

How are you going to spend the rest of your time here in Brazil?

I will support the other Luxembourgish Athletes ,especially Christine in the TT and enjoying the atmosphere. But as the season is not over yet, I can’t rest that much.

Comparing to the Olympic Games from 2012 with 2016, which are you favorites?

Rio are my first Games.

Although you may be used to competitions, how did you feel before it started?

For sure you are really nervous before the start, it was a special feeling.

Which part of the Opening Ceremony was the most impressive?

I haven’t been on the Ceremony as we had the race 2 days later.

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